8 qualities for salespeople at your auto dealership

Having an auto dealership means that you need to have a great team. And since the goal of the business is to sell cars and help your customers find the wheels they need, you need to have a top-notch team of salespeople. So … what makes a good salesperson? What qualities do great salespeople? What qualities do great salespeople possess that helps them succeed? There are a few skills or trails that salespeople at your auto dealership can work on.

8 qualities for salespeople at your auto dealership.

1. Self-assurance.

First of all, salespeople need to be self-assured. They need to have confidence, both in themselves and in the thing they’re selling. (But of course, it’s important not to become obnoxious or ego-maniacal. Being self-assured doesn’t mean arrogant.) A salesperson can show confidence in the way they present themselves – the way they talk, the way they carry themselves. If a salesperson is confident, it can actually help a potential customer feel better about making their decision. A healthy bit of confidence can go a long way.

2. Charisma.

Salespeople also have to be friendly and charismatic. They need to be able to have a conversation with people, and not necessarily just about cars. Developing a rapport is really important – it can help create trust. The potential client needs to feel like they know the salesperson who’s working with them. And that means being friendly and well, likable.

3. Communication.

Being able to communicate effectively is a necessary skill for salespeople. So, a good salesperson will listen to their potential customer carefully. They know that they have to listen in order to properly assess the customer’s needs and solve their problem. They’re focused on finding the best solution. (In this case, perhaps finding the perfect car!) Talking a mile a minute won’t help when it comes to finding out what the customer actually needs.

4. Motivated.

A good salesperson is highly motivated. That means they’re driven by goals. Those goals shouldn’t be too lofty, because that can become discouraging, but they need to be something to work towards. It’s also really important that they are learning from those occasions where the goal isn’t met so they can do better the next time around. They can discern what’s going well and what could stand to be improved.

5. Certainty.

Another quality that salespeople tend to possess is certainty. They speak clearly and not too fast. They’re relaxed and comfortable. That means they have enough assurance to make a good impression. And they dress like they take it seriously.

6. The ability to keep going.

Salespeople are also determined enough to keep going even if a sale doesn’t pan out. Your auto dealership’s salespeople needs to be able to bounce back even if they get a “no”. It’s important that they are able to shake off the unsuccessful sales so they can go into the next one with a can-do attitude. When a sale doesn’t work out, a good salesperson lets that motivate them for the next time. Being in sales requires some determination. Salespeople can’t give up after one or two setbacks.

7. A healthy amount of competitiveness.

Salespeople are motivated by a healthy spirit of competition. Of course, it’s important not to let the competitiveness become ugly. But salespeople enjoy the feeling of victory that comes with hitting goals and making sales. They want to compete against themselves and want to be the best they can be. They enjoy a challenge and they’re driven by a desire to excel.

8. Truthful.

Good salespeople also tell the truth. They’re honest with their prospective customers. They know it’s important to earn trust. Being honest and upfront goes a long way.

Auto dealerships need to have great salespeople. And great salespeople are confident, motivated, and compassionate enough to truly listen and want to help people solve their problem. It’s important to have a team who genuinely enjoy sales and are passionate about what they do. And even though salespeople are competitive, at the end of the day the employees at your auto dealership know that they’re all a team. That’s what really counts.

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