Tips for business cards at your auto dealership

If you have an auto dealership, you probably want a quick, easy way to give your business information to people, whether they’re customers or potential customers. And of course, the logical answer is business cards. They’re short, sweet, and to the point, and they get the important information (phone number, address, etc.) across to people. But how can you create great business cards for your auto dealership? Here are a few tips for your business cards.

Tips for your auto dealership business cards

1. Figure out what sets your business apart.

First you’ve got to find out what sets your auto dealership apart from the rest. Why should someone choose your auto dealership? What do they get out of it? You have to give people a reason to trust you. So, think about what makes your business different and why someone should choose to buy a car from your dealership or take their car to your service station. Then figure out how you can translate that onto your business card.

2. Think about the technical details for the business cards.

Then you have to think about the technical details of your business cards. What type of paper do you want them to be printed on? If you choose a heavier paper, it can help your card stand out and find someone’s fingertips. Then you have to think about the shape and size of the card. Choosing a non-standard size or shape can help your cards stand out, but on the other hand some people get frustrated by oddly-shaped cards that don’t fit with the others.

3. Leave some blank space on the card.

Be sure to leave some blank space on the business cards. That way you and your employees can write personal notes on your cards when you give them to people. For example, you can write “Thank you for your business – we appreciate it!” if you hand a card to a client. That way you can give a personal touch to help the recipient of the card remember you and your conversation. Besides, leaving some empty space can help draw attention to the important details – we’ll talk more about that in a second.

4. Consider doing special batches of business cards.

Then you can also think about doing a special batch of business cards that is specially customized for a particular event or audience. Would it make sense to have a separate stash of cards for a special event? The nice thing is that you can probably order a small batch of cards that are different than your standard cards.

5. Don’t overload the card.

You also need to be sure you’re not overloading your business cards. There’s only so much space on those little rectangles of paper. You need to make sure the most important information is easily visible. People don’t have infinite patience for reading and scouring the card for the information they’re looking for, whether it’s an email, address, website, or phone number. People won’t take in anything if there is too much going on.

6. Think about other marketing tools.

You’ll have your business cards, of course, but are there any other marketing freebies you want to have on-hand? Would it be cool to have some pens with your company name and logo on them? What about something fun like frisbees? There are a ton of possibilities, and it might be nice to have some freebies to give away to customers. Do some research and see what options are out there.

So, those are some tips for creating great business cards. Consider the paper you’re going to choose. Don’t overload the card; leave some blank space. And use your business cards to show off your auto dealership.

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