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If have an auto dealership, you have a lot to juggle. When there are cars involved, there’s a lot of responsibility. So, getting the right insurance for your auto dealership is crucial. One coverage that you might want to consider for your dealership, especially if you have repair operations as part of the dealership, is garagekeepers coverage. If you ever have your customers’ cars in your care, custody, and control, garagekeepers is important. We’ll explain what this coverage is and what it does.

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How does garagekeepers insurance work?

To give a quick summary, garagekeepers insurance is meant for businesses that take their customers’ cars for repair or parking. You’ve got a lot of responsibility if you’re tending to your clients’ vehicles, as they would probably not appreciate if some ill befell their car while it was in your care. Garagekeepers insurance can protect your customers’ cars from fire, theft, vandalism, and even explosion. That’s why garagekeepers is so important for businesses with customers’ cars in their care, custody, and control. 

However, these are some losses that would NOT be covered…

  • Contractual obligations
  • Theft on part of the insured
  • Faulty work/Defective parts
  • Equipment that reproduces sound (unless permanently attached)
  • Equipment that does radar detection
  • Sound-receiving equipment like radios or phones unless permanently attached to the dash

How much does garagekeepers insurance for auto dealership cost?

There are a lot of expenses to consider when you’re running a business, and you might be wondering how much you should expect to pay for auto dealership insurance. It’s a fair question: how much does auto dealership insurance cost? 

To get an accurate idea of how much your business insurance will cost, you need to get some insurance quotes. (There are a lot of details that can affect your insurance rates, which is why getting quotes tailored to your business is so important.) And our team can help with that.

Garagekeepers insurance

How much garagekeepers insurance does my business need?

You might be wondering how much garagekeepers insurance you would need for your auto dealership. To get an estimated amount of coverage you should consider, take the average number of cars you have in your care at any given time and multiply it by the average value of those cars. Let’s say you typically have ten cars in your care and they’ve got an average value of $20,000. You would need at least $200,000 of garagekeepers insurance. 

How to get garagekeepers insurance for an auto dealership

Yes, auto dealership insurance and garagekeepers insurance might sound intimidating. To get started with your auto dealership insurance quotes, you can…

Contact our team by LiveChat, phone, or online form.

Chat with us about your business and your insurance needs.

Let us shop your rates and get multiple quotes.

We’ll answer your questions about the quotes.

Our team will be here to help with your insurance as needed.

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