Tips for managing your auto dealership salespeople

Being the leader of an auto dealership is a big job. And part of that job is managing salespeople. Now, that can be a big undertaking and it can be tough. And the thing is that your salespeople are a huge asset to your business, so you need to make sure you’re managing them well and creating a positive work environment for them. Now – what sort of things can help with managing your auto dealership’s salespeople? Here are a few tips.

Tips for managing your auto dealership’s salespeople.

1. Provide feedback.

The first thing to know is that you need to give feedback. Your sales team needs to hear prompt feedback on different areas. To give effective feedback, you need to identify the behavior first. Then you can get into the consequences of that behavior – for example, if there’s an employee who isn’t paying attention during meetings. Then be sure to get confirmation that a change ought to be made so that everyone is on the same page. Salespeople need consistent and prompt feedback.

2. Have individual meetings.

It’s also important to have weekly one-on-ones with your team. These one-on-ones give you the opportunity to chat with your employees and see how they’re doing (not necessarily just about work, but outside of work, too). It gives the employee a chance to ask you questions or offer suggestions. This is their time to talk to you and raise any concerns. They can give you updates on how things are going. Basically, it’s a chance for the employee to chat with you and let you know, overall, how they are.

3. Have a coaching mentality.

It’s also essential to have a coaching mentality rather than just criticizing your team. You’re there to help your auto dealership’s salespeople grow and meet their potential. And you can’t do that if you aren’t coaching your team. Investing in your salespeople is important. You need to be mentoring them and teaching them.

4. Use your employees’ strengths.

As the manager of salespeople, you have to be aware of the strengths of your team. Everyone is an individual, and we all have talents. A good manager understands how to let people use those talents and personality so they can shine. How can these traits come together to help the team as a whole? It’s important to place employees in roles and give them responsibilities that play to their strengths.

5. Be caring.

Well, sure you care about your employees, but do you show them that? Do they know that you truly value them? You need your team to know that you see them as people and not just robots. Know your employees’ stories and get to know them. By investing in your employees and showing empathy to them, you can help your team trust you. You can take the time to thank each employee at your auto dealership individually for their hard work and their dedication. That can be really meaningful. After all, the auto dealership’s goals can only be accomplished through the efforts of your workers.

6. Have goals.

The auto dealership has to have some goals and missions. By having goals, you can get your salespeople motivated. The whole team needs to be committed to the goal. There’s something to be said for having a great, healthy goal.

7. Be open.

You also have to be pretty transparent about potential challenges your business might face. You need to be as open as you can be so that you can create and keep trust with your team. Your salespeople are part of the family at your auto dealership. You don’t want them to get bitter or cynical if they feel like you’re keeping things from them.

8. Make sure your management team creates a positive workplace culture.

Your auto dealership also needs to have a positive workplace morale. Your management team sort of sets the tone for that, so you need to make sure that your management is creating an energetic, fun, and positive workplace. So think about what kind of energy they’re putting out into the workplace. Everyone needs to feel comfortable and at home at the auto dealership. Make sure your managers are promoting your workplace culture.

Your auto dealership’s salespeople are a crucial part of the business. So, it’s important to be managing your salespeople well and creating a great workplace. Feedback matters, and so does taking the time to have regular one-on-one meetings. Be sure that you’re coaching your team and letting your team use their strengths. It’s really important to have great salespeople at your dealership.

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