5 tips for safety at your auto dealership

The goal of auto dealerships is to welcome potential customers onto the lot and help them find their new ride. And since you have guests coming and going regularly, you have to make sure your business premises is as safe as can be. That means doing some hazard control so you can reduce the chance of someone getting hurt. By doing a few simple things, you can make your business safer for your customers and guests. Here are a few tips to improve safety at your auto dealership.

5 tips for safety at your auto dealership.

1. Check the floor.

Since people are visiting your premises and walking around the showroom, crossing the parking lot, and so on, it’s important to make sure that the floor isn’t going to try to make them trip and fall. A slip can happen in a split second, and people can get seriously injured. To prevent that happening, make sure there are no uneven spots in your carpet – no holes or frayed spots that could grab someone’s toe and cause them to fall. Where there’s tile, make sure there are no cracks or holes that could likewise cause someone to trip.

2. Mark the steps.

If there are any areas that require someone to step up or step down, like a ledge or step, mark it clearly. Make sure that it’s distinct so that people can see it and know that they need to pick up their feet. Even a small ledge or uneven spot of floor can cause someone to take a bad fall. Check that there are no steps or ledges to trip people up.

3. Mark the exits.

Your auto dealership should have enough exits so people can leave quickly in the event of an emergency. Mark these exits clearly so people know where to go if they need to get out of the building. It’s also important to make sure that you’ve got plenty of lighting, too, so people can see where they’re going – and that means emergency backup lighting, too. Basically, make sure that the exit strategy is clear in case of an emergency.

4. Close off the garage.

Make sure that your customers don’t go back into your garage or shop if you happen to have one at your dealership. Instead, provide a comfortable waiting area for your customers so they can take a seat and relax while they wait for their car. You and your employees might be used to the risks and dangers of an auto shop, but your customers likely are not. It’s safer to keep them away from the garage and the dangers that it presents.

5. Check the parking lot and walkway.

Safety also has to extend to your parking lot and your walkway. Make sure there are no holes or cracks in the pavement that could make someone fall. The parking lot should be pretty level and even so there aren’t spots that could trip one of your guests. If you’re in a cold climate that gets snow in the winter, make sure to clear your parking lot and your walkway of snow and ice – you’ll need to have a plan to get this taken care of.

6. Be prepared for the dark.

You might want to keep your business open fairly late. If your business is going to be open after dark, you need to have a plan to enhance safety for your customers. That includes having plenty of lighting, and you’ve also got to have proper security measures.

Having an auto dealership is a lot of responsibility, and it’s really important to keep your customers safe. Reduce the chances of a trip and fall incident by being vigilant for any obstacles or hazards that could cause someone to have a nasty fall. It’s best to prevent an injury than react to it, right?

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